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Stewardship team consists of 12 members and the Minister of the Chinese Congregation. It oversees the day to day running of the church, organization of activities, as well as drawing up long-term objectives for the development of the Chinese section of the church. Members of the Stewardship Team are elected once every two years during an annual meeting and whenever vacancies occur. The Stewardship team meets once every two months.  Individual leaders also sit in various committees of Epsom Methodist Church as representatives of the Chinese Congregation.

Annual general meeting of the Chinese Congregation is held once a year during which the Stewardship Team gives a report about the church (Chinese section) to members. The church members can raise questions, make comments and suggestions on any matter concerning the Congregation. This will be acted upon by the Stewardship Team so that improvements may be made.



Stewardship team of year 2024


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