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Grace and peace from God our Father and Christ Jesus be unto you!

Chinese Congregation is the family of God; a spiritual home and church filled with joy and liveliness. We are a large family and you are a member of the family and body in the Lord. Brothers and sisters in Chinese Congregation have different gifts and together they build the house of the Lord, just as the Apostle Paul says: " so in Christ we, though many, form one body, and each member belongs to all the others." (Romans 12:5)



Chinese Congregation is a church of worship. Every Sunday all children of the Chinese Congregation  gather together to worship the Almighty true God. The Chinese Congregation family holds two services at 2:00 pm on Sunday; one in Cantonese and Mandarin, and the other, the International Congregtation, in English. Apart from this we have the children's service which focuses on leading children to worship and conveying the true faith. The first Sunday of each month we have Holy Communion Service. Through taking the bread and wine we establish a close relationship with God and one another.  For the Holy Communion Service we have joint worship. All members of different ages and background come together to worship God and partake of the bread and wine (Christ's body and blood) and through the power of the Holy Spirit we may be renewed and rededicate ourselves to God.

The Chinese Congregation is a church of love. Brothers and sisters have fellowship one with another, sharing testimonies, engaging in cultural exchanges and carrying out the mission of spreading the gospel with one heart. This enables a deeper experience with the triune true God in their daily lives. May the Lord grant you peace which exceeds all expectations through Christ Jesus. Chinese congregation welcomes you! May peace, love, and faith be unto you from God the Father and Christ Jesus. And may grace be upon all who sincerely love our Lord Jesus!


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