Church History

A brief church history of Chinese Congregation, Epsom Methodist Church


Some time before and after 1994 God, who is the author and finisher of our faith, moved at different times some brothers and sisters residing around Epsom to open up their homes for Bible study. When it came to the right time for the Lord, the Bible study was changed to become a worship meeting. The number of people coming to this meeting continued to increase and it was soon over 50. Thanks to God who responded to the fervent prayers of the Christians. In 1996 Rev. David Foo who led the worship was accepted and given permission by Leatherhead Methodist Church to worship and hold Holy Communion on Sunday in their church. Hence, the homophonic "Leatherhead" in Chinese was adopted to name the church as “励德”堂,meaning to encourage one another and live out the testimonies of virtue and faith.

Two years later, by God's will, Leatherhead Chinese Methodist Church moved to Epsom Methodist Church of the Sutton Circuit and became one of their congregations, namely, Chinese Congregation (励德堂 in Chinese). From that time on Chinese living in the surrounding areas have acquired a stable spiritual home. Later, in 2000, Rev. Yap Kwok Kong was invited from Malaysia to U.K. and on 26th of March, 2000, he was received and became the first minister for Chinese Congregation. Following Rev. Yap's reassignment to serve in Derby Rev. Hazel Yu became the minister from 2010-2013. Thanks to God!Through congregation members' serving together with their unceasing prayers, and under the arrangements of UK Methodist Church, God who is faithful brought Rev. Nguang Ung Soon from Sarawak of Malaysia to take up the appointment as minister in September 2016.




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