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 Esther's Fasting and Praying Guide


Why we are fasting and what the Lord requires of us.

Isaiah 58 shows that true fasting goes beyond the act of abstaining from food and beyond religious activities. God saw the hypocrisy of the hearts of His people whose overt behavior is merely empty religious rituals. Their shallowness without sincere hearts of obedience or true repentance cause Him to turn His face away from His chosen people.

Thus, it is time for us as individuals and as a corporate body to take stock and examine our hearts, to submit, connect and align our hearts back to Him, allowing Him to renew us from inside-out, so that His will becomes our will. Only then can we pray effectively for His Kingdom to come and His will to be done in every arena of society. To the degree we obey and allow the Lord to plough deep, to the degree we submit to Him, to that degree His kingdom will rule in our hearts, rendering our prayers effective。

1. The purpose of fasting:

    The goal of our fast is not to twist God’s arm but to seek His face and to turn from our wicked ways so that our relationship with God will be deepened and our spiritual senses sharpened in order to be able to listen to him.

    Focus on drawing near to God, desiring Him, waiting upon Him in silence, understanding His will,        looking to Him and firmly relying on the Holy Spirit. Let’s trust in Him whole-heartedly, do what He wills in this Quadrennium (2018-2021), and to walk together in unity in these 4 years so that we may become a church of God’s own heart.

2. The scope of prayer:

     Worship God, meditate and respond to His word. Confess, give thanks and pray for ourselves, for our families, for the church (especially for pastors, local preachers, lay leaders, committee members of fellowship groups etc), and for the country.

     Please refer to the Lord’s prayer (Matthew 6:5-15), also 2 Chr 20, Neh 1, Daniel 9 etc.

     While praying, write down what the Lord reveals to you.

3. The method of fasting:

    For those doing a complete fast he/she will begin after dinner on 18/01 till four o’clock in the afternoon  of 21/01. Usually no food will be taken before and after the meal time, only water. They may pray during      the time they normally takes the meal; and may sing hymns, read the Bible, meditate, remain silent or do      whatever for the sake of drawing near to the Lord, trusting in Him entirely.

  •  Feel free to be led by the Lord as to the kind of fast you should undertake:
  • Total Fast: Partaking only of water and liquids, abstaining from solid food.
  • Daniel Fast: Abstaining from meat, eating only fruits and vegetables.
  • Danial Fast (Hobby Abstinence Fast) : Abstaining from something one enjoys daily such as coffee, tea, chocolates, sweets, or even from gossips or careless words.

4. Important note:

    During the full or total fast, you can drink more water and live your life normally (Matthew 6:16-18).      When you are breaking fast, do not eat too much or too quickly. Eat some porridge, biscuits or drink juice      and then increase the quantity of food intake slowly. On the first day of fast, you will feel more hungry.          On the second day, your appetite will decrease. You may even lose your appetite completely on the third        day but you may feel weak and have no desire for food after breaking fast.



We are reminded in Luke 12: 48 that “to whom much is given, much will be required.” As the Lord has continued to bless you with abundance of spiritual and material resources, we urge believers to keep their meal savings as an offering for helping those who are in need (Isaiah 58).


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