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Mid-Autumn Festival Carnival 

Our Congregation held a Mid-Autumn Festival carnival on 30th of September. Thanks to the Lord, there were about 230 people present on that evening. With a festive atmosphere, we have helped many new friends to know the true God who has created the universe and all things.

We started the celebration at 5:30 pm. We had many different activities going on. There were games stalls, food stalls and children picture coloring, karaoke and Calligraphy competitions. At 7:30 pm we gathered in the church and started to have a more meaningful meeting. Everyone, friends, and Christians came together and sang praises to the Glory of God's creation. Two Christian sisters read Psalm 8 which describes God's Glory and human's dignity. The choir once again led the congregation to sing praises to the Lord of all the earth. The Pastor led everyone to reflect on the goodness of God's creation and the image of human dignity given by God. When human chose to sin and give up their dignified status to destruction God's love, through Christ Jesus' sacrifice, is once again bestowed to human. Brother Jason's Kungfu performance reminded us that we have to work out our own salvation.

Thanks to the Lord, through the traditional Chinese festival, it makes us contemplate on God's love.   May all the Glory be unto God! Amen!


A guest singing at the Karaoke competition


Two Christians reading Psalm 8


Dance "I witness God's Love" (1)


Dance "I witness God's Love (2)

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