Bible Studies

Bible Study

Our church encourages every Christian to attend at least one bible study class. It is hoped that our spiritual lives are no longer like spiritual children, desiring the pure spiritual milk, thus promoting continual growth.

Currently, there are three bible study classes in Chinese Congregation. Their respective times are as follows:

Friday morning      10:00 am (Cantonese)              The Book of Nahum (Old Testament)

Saturday evening  07:30 pm (Mandarin)                Gospel of Mark

Sunday afternoon  04:15 pm (English)                   Gospel of Luke


Apart from bible study, we shall launch different developmental courses.

* Discipleship (Red version): Bible study - learning to become the Lord's disciples

   (Cantonese and Mandarin);    - 34 lessons; once a week; commencing  11/2017

* Unveiled: Guide to the study of Islam for Christians;    - 13 lessons; twice weekly; commencing 02/2018

* Unveiled: A Christian Study Guide (English);   - 13 lessons; twice weekly; commencing 04/2018

* TOP Course: Worship the everlasting God (Cantonese & Mandarin);  - 11 lessons; commencing 06/2018

Will you pray for joining and may the Holy Spirit move you to apply for these courses.


May you become a worker who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly handles the word of truth. (2 Timothy 2:15)

We welcome you to come along.


Bible Study


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